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Resistive Plate Chamber
The Experimental High Energy Physics group at Panjab University, Chandigarh is going to produce 40 numbers of large Area Resistive Plate Chambers (RPC) for end-cap region of CMS, in collaboration with BARC Mumbai. These detectors shall be assembled in Physics Department with the imported gas gaps, mechanics and front end electronics. The RPC's after assembly shall be tested for their performance and sent to CERN for integrating them into the CMS detector main frame. Here are some pictures of the established laboratory for undertaking various jobs for assembly and testing of RPC's. The entire infrastructure consists of a dust free lab, air conditioning, gas handling and mixing system, high voltage power supply, cosmic stand, data acquisition system and associated electronics, efficiency measurement of RPC.

3. Fabrication of Scintillation Counters and testing techniques using Cosmic Ray Setup and Data Acquisition. By Er. V.K. Bhandari
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